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Catching Up with Max Before 48th Apimondia 2023 in Chile: A Fusion of Past Memories, Present Excitem

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Max! The buzz around Apimondia 2023 in Santiago, Chile, is palpable. Given that this isn’t your first rodeo, how does this year feel compared to your previous experiences in Canada and Turkey?

Max: Every Apimondia has its own charm, and each location adds a unique flavor. Canada and Turkey were incredible experiences where I gained some lasting friendships. This year, there's a mix of anticipation and sentimentality. Chile, with its vibrant culture and my personal connection to Latin America, holds a special place in my heart.

Speaking of personal connections, you lived in Argentina as a student exchange student. How does that amplify your excitement? And for those unaware, what makes Chile special in the beekeeping world?

Max: Profoundly. My time in Argentina was transformative. Speaking Spanish, embracing the culture, and forming bonds were pivotal moments of my life. Returning to Latin America for Apimondia feels like revisiting an old chapter with fresh eyes. Plus, the chance to converse about bees in Spanish again? That’s a treat!

Chile specifically boasts a diverse climate, making it home to unique flora beneficial for bees. Their honey exports are growing, with niche products like Ulmo honey gaining popularity. Being a major fruit exporter, pollination is crucial, underlining the significance of beekeeping.

Speaking of language, Chilean cuisine is quite a language of its own. Any particular dishes on your list?

Absolutely! I can't wait to savor empanadas, indulge in pastel de choclo, and perhaps try a sip of the famous pisco sour. The blend of indigenous and European flavors in Chilean cuisine is delightful.

Over the years, you’ve made numerous friends and acquaintances in the beekeeping world. What are you looking forward to the most in terms of interactions?

Max: Oh, the people are the heart of Apimondia. Reconnecting with friends from past events, reminiscing about our time in Canada and Turkey, and making new friends along the way—it's a whirlwind of emotions and memories. Sharing HiveTracks’ journey, our achievements, and our vision with both old and new friends is something I eagerly await.

And, as HiveTracks has grown leaps and bounds, what message do you wish to convey to the global beekeeping community this year?

Max: Beyond our technological advancements and our contributions to the beekeeping community, I want to share our story—the passion, the challenges, and the camaraderie. Our journey at HiveTracks is intertwined with the friendships and partnerships formed at events like Apimondia. To everyone who's been a part of this journey and to those we'll meet in Chile: Thank you, and let's continue this beautiful journey together.

Events like Apimondia remind us of the global community we're a part of. No matter where we are, the love for bees and the environment connects us all. And to our Spanish-speaking community - ¡Nos vemos en Chile! Stay tuned, HiveTrackers! We'll bring you more updates from Apimondia as Max dives deep into this beekeeping adventure in Chile. 🇨🇱

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