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For professionals, organizations & hobbyists seeking to elevate beekeeping to the next level.



for Sideliners, Businesses & Hobbyists


Step into the future of beekeeping management with HiveTracks Pro—an essential solution for beekeeping businesses and professional beekeepers who strive for excellence in hive management.

Our web app, seamlessly synchronized with our mobile solution, empowers you to oversee and manage multiple apiaries and hives effortlessly on your computer. With a bird's-eye view on a larger screen, HiveTracks Pro transforms the complex task of managing numerous apiaries and hives into a seamless and organized experience.

Beyond efficient hive management, HiveTracks Pro invites you to showcase the uniqueness of your beekeeping endeavors. Create captivating Honey Stories that tell the story of your honey, providing a shareable public profile link for your customers to immerse themselves in the journey of your sweetest yields – accessible via our simple QR code.

  • Record and analyze data during inspections across your entire beekeeping operation, all while receiving personalized recommendations to optimize efficiency and hive health.

  • Harness the power of data to make informed decisions. Better understand your beekeeping practices, navigate challenges, and capitalize on opportunities.

  • Create Honey Stories that showcase the unique characteristics of each harvest, from flavor notes to the journey of your bees.


Gain insights

Easily sort and filter your beekeeping activity for quick analysis and  key health concerns in your browser. Know what's next.


Create a group for your business, family, or friends and invite other beekeepers to join. Grow and manage together!


 Create and share a QR code showcasing each unique honey harvest, including flavor notes, photos, and more. Share your Honey Story!

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Tall Langstroth 02_2x_edited_edited.png

Subscription & Pricing

Starting at only
or $69.99/year

Need more users?

Each additional admin license is $89.99. Ideal for growing beekeeping operations.

Smarter, more productive beekeeping
starts today. Go

Providing beekeepers with a way to authenticate the origin of their honey and hive products with a closed-loop validation of their practices to improve market access and increase product differentiation for smallholder producers.


With data-driven validation of bee health and productivity, we work to empower smallholder beekeepers and businesses to access credit and insurance products that grow their business and make a planet-positive impact.

for Beekeepers 

HiveTracks Pro is an easy solution for beekeeping clubs and organizations, enabling extension and educational programs to manage beekeeping activity among large groups of beekeepers across a region.

Bee clubs &

Are you a commercial beekeeper?

HiveTracks Pro is optimized for beekeepers with under 500 hives.
However, please reach out to discuss the possibility of customization. 

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