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Biodiversity Solutions

Using decentralized & community-based monitoring of biodiversity and pollination metrics, we're building a scalable Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification solution that empowers beekeepers and industries worldwide.

How can monitoring biodiversity on-site make an impact for your industry?




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Finance & Insurance

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Oil, Gas & Mining

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Governments & NGOs

Planting Trees

What is bee data?

Since 2010, HiveTracks has been focused on community-based sourcing environmental data collection globally, leveraging bees as biosensors. Our products enable beekeepers, beekeeping businesses, governments, and NGOs worldwide to improve their practices and better understand their bees.

HiveTracks views beekeepers as stewards of our planet and the environment. We believe that creating a more livable planet cannot be accomplished without the help of beekeepers and their bees.

With insights from fairly compensated beekeepers and bee data we can make meaningful assessments of local ecosystems and monitor the change in their health over time, providing this value to businesses, organizations and governments in a fully transparent and auditable way.


Building the first scalable platform for community-sourced biodiversity data

We leverage technology and data to solve the biggest bottleneck in biodiversity monitoring: scalable, ground-truthed data collection to measure and monitor a quantifiable positive impact on biodiversity.


Our whitepaper explores the powerful opportunities in collecting and packaging crucial environmental data and building a foundation for biodiversity credit systems, as well as monitoring and reporting in various industry sectors.

Our Solutions


About 75% of global food relies on pollinators, and agriculture's impact on climate change is crucial. Farmers strive for eco-friendly practices, but face financial challenges. HiveTracks seamlessly integrates with daily farming, offering real-time data on local ecosystem impact. Pollen and honey testing tracks pollinator diets, revealing agrochemical effects. Picture records monitor plant species, assessing biodiversity. HiveTracks, adaptable to any farm type, provides immediate insights for nature-friendly farming. Future goals include offering credits for farms boosting biodiversity, adding revenue. Our aim is to support nature while sustaining food production.


Green Roofs

Traditional construction harms ecosystems, making eco-friendly projects essential for sustainable urbanization. Data is crucial to measure losses and successes in reducing ecological impact. HiveTracks supports this by quantifying natural capital lost during site development and providing post-construction data on landscaping success. Our solution aids companies in off-site restoration, offering transparent, auditable biodiversity uplift records. Future goals include geographically contextualized biodiversity restoration templates, demonstrating practices for the greatest biodiversity increase onsite and off-site post-construction. We aim to provide credits for developers offsetting extra landscaping/restoration costs, contributing to their ESG reporting.


Paired with onsite biodiversity efforts, solar energy emerges as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional sources, fostering increased biodiversity. Solar sites have the potential not only for carbon-neutral electricity but also nature-positive power. Proper site placement, along with measures like pollinator strips, enables nature to thrive alongside infrastructure. Continuous monitoring, facilitated by HiveTracks, addresses quantification challenges. Collaborating with local beekeepers and placing hives on-site ensures accurate data streams, allowing solar companies to make nature-positive claims. This enhances ESG reporting, unlocking investment capital for further growth.

Sustainable Energy


Aerial View of Deforestation

Deforestation is happening at an alarming rate. Forest rehabilitation efforts are crucial in reversing regions subjected to deforestation into thriving ecosystems and more could be done if the biodiversity of forest systems was measured in the same way the carbon potential of forests is. HiveTracks offers a low-cost solution for large-scale monitoring of forestry sites that would provide data on species richness and abundance of both forest systems and the pollinator species they support. 

Finance & Insurance

Environmental data is a powerful tool in proving the lasting triple-bottom-line impact of investment strategies. Lenders and investors can use HiveTracks to begin quantifying the environmental impact of their financed supply chains, as is becoming mandatory under new legislation in many countries, and can use the data to help quantify central risk and investment decision-making to help them transition to a more sustainable financial system. Insurers can use the data to help qualify risk on both insurance products and critical industries as well as provide data on any upstream climate or environmental mitigation initiatives they might be investing in. 



Industrial Building

Manufacturing can benefit from monitoring and reporting biodiversity impact and rehabilitation goals, setting forward-thinking companies apart from less eco-conscious competitors. Measuring the ecological footprint helps industries achieve nature-positive initiatives. By integrating HiveTracks into manufacturing processes, companies gain real-time insights into biodiversity metrics. This data not only facilitates ESG reporting but also informs targeted conservation efforts, contributing to a net positive impact on ecosystems. Embracing such initiatives aligns with global sustainability goals, positioning manufacturing companies as leaders in fostering environmental harmony.

Mining, Oil & Gas Industries

Mining, often criticized for its environmental impact, stands to benefit from data that informs positive actions. Insightful information can guide mining companies in mitigating their impact and embracing sustainable practices. Similar challenges exist in land-based oil and gas extraction, requiring data to facilitate a shift toward sustainable energy sources. HiveTracks addresses these needs, providing site-specific monitoring with unprecedented detail and affordability. This not only benefits industries but also uplifts local communities. By adopting such monitoring practices, companies contribute positively to a more responsible and sustainable future.

Aerial View of Mining

Governments & NGOs


Governments worldwide commit vast resources to climate and nature goals, necessitating effective data-driven assessment. With trillions invested globally, the impact must be measured at international, national, and local levels. NGOs and Non-Profits also seek tangible impact. HiveTracks provides localized monitoring for government bodies, town planners, and municipalities, aiding informed regulations and green development. It supports government departments managing agriculture or environmental funding, facilitating quantification of different schemes. Additionally, it collaborates with NGOs stewarding parks, reserves, or community land, contributing to environmental conservation. HiveTracks assists national audits on natural capital stocks and progress toward climate and biodiversity targets.

Interested in our Biodiversity Solutions?

Are you working on your environmental strategy?  Get in touch and let’s figure out how we can work together. We would love to hear from you.

CEO at HiveTracks, idealist, blockchain enthusiast, and expert on technology for smallholder producers in agriculture.

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