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 HiveTracks guides you
to do what’s best for your bees. 



for you

We provide you with localized weather and personalized recommendations for making good decisions.


Interactive & intuitive

The HiveTracks App has everything you need to track the health and productivity of your bees in one place.


View the health of your hives at a glance and let our recommendations guide you throughout the season.

Made by beekeepers

We've combed through research and drawn from our experience to reinvent the hive inspection process in an intuitive way.

Swipe through your hives and quickly grasp what needs to be done.


Let our recommendations guide you through the season.

Easy hive inspections tailored to your experience level.

View the health of your hive at a glance with our inspection summaries and hive history.

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Farmland 01.png

Made by beekeepers,
Trusted by beekeepers.

Made by a team of beekeepers and pollinator enthusiasts, the HiveTracks App provides both experienced and new beekeepers with an innovative way to track hive histories and plan for your beekeeping season.

Since 2010, HiveTracks has worked with over 40,000 beekeepers across more than 150 countries. With the HiveTracks App, we take all our knowledge and passion for beekeeping to the next level for you.

Free on app stores


20,000+ beekeeper community

Used in 70 countries


Happy beekeepers - happy bees!

Amanda on the farm 

Very valuable app for any beekeeper, beginner or seasoned veteran.

Rick B.

I have tried several apps for tracking my bees and this one seems to best fit my needs and what I am looking for...

Joe F.

Ease of Use, Excellent Applicability, Responsive Customer Service! Can't recommend enough! ❤️🐝❤️

Join our ever-growing community
of dedicated beekeepers today.

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