The HiveTracks team

HiveTracks helps beekeepers do what’s best for their bees with confidence and peace of mind. Our mission is to create a positive impact on bee health, beekeeper livelihoods and biodiversity by connecting people, nature, and data.

Our Story

Born in rural North Carolina in 2010 at the intersection of computer science and beekeeping, we are proud to have supported over 40,000 beekeepers across more than 150 countries.


Since the very first day, we have worked with empathy and passion to solve beekeeper problems. From the original recordkeeping tool when we first launched, we have come a long way, and are thrilled to write a new HiveTracks chapter with The Beekeeper’s Companion.


Meet the Worker Bees

Our colony is made up of passionate and eco-conscience individuals dedicated to promoting bee health, beekeeper livelihoods, and biodiversity.