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Know Your Bees

The app guiding you to do what's best for your bees with confidence and peace of mind.


We use location to provide you with the weekly weather and proper context for making good decisions.

Interactive & Intuitive

The Beekeeper's Companion has everything you need to track the health and productivity of your bees in one place.

Timely & Action-based

We've combed through research and drawn from our experience to reinvent the hive inspection process.


View the health of your hives at a glance and let our recommended tasks guide you through the season.


Beekeeping is challenging. There’s so much to track and stay on top of. But what if you had everything you needed to know in one place? The Beekeeper’s Companion has your back.

Swipe through your hives and quickly grasp what needs to be done in seconds-


Simplified hive histories show you everything that happened to your hives in the course of a season in one place

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Peace of Mind

Made by a team of beekeepers and pollinator enthusiasts, the Beekeeper’s Companion provides both experienced and new beekeepers with an innovative way to track hive histories and plan for your beekeeping season.


Use our bee weather forecast to choose inspection-friendly days

Let our recommended tasks guide you through the season

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Better Beekeeping

Keeping your bees healthy is what brought you here. Us too. Since 2010, HiveTracks has worked with over 40,000 beekeepers across more than 150 countries. With the Beekeeper's Companion app, we take all our knowledge and passion for beekeeping to the next level for you. 

Complete your hive inspections with a few swipes

View the health of your hive at a glance with our inspection summaries

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Download the app from your App Store or Google Play Store account. Each new account receives a 30-Day Trial at sign-up upon selecting your preferred monthly or annual billing option. Let's get started!




✓ Apiary & Hive Histories
✓ Inspections, To-Do's, & Records
✓ Weekly Weather Forecast
✓ Monthly Calendar
✓ Unlimited Hive Creation

Do what's best for your bees.

The Beekeeper's Companion App

Track the health of your hives and plan your beekeeping season with ease.



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Do what's best for your bees.

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