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The app that guides you to do what's best for your bees with confidence and peace of mind.

Your Personal Beekeeping Assistant

The Beekeeper's Companion

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Interactive and Intuitive


Timely and Season-based


Better Beekeeping

Track the health of your hives and plan with ease. For the beginning beekeeper to the seasoned apiarist!

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Peace of Mind

We know that beekeeping can be tough. There is so much to track and stay on top of. But what if everything you needed to know was gathered in one place? What if it was easy to stay on top of your next task? The Beekeeper’s Companion has your back.


Swipe through your hives and easily grasp what needs to be done in seconds


Let our recommended tasks guide you through the season



Scroll through the history of your hive to track the health of your bees


Use our bee weather forecast to choose inspection-friendly days 

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It’s all about time and place, because what you did in spring matters in summer and guides your beekeeping tasks before the winter starts. That’s why we developed the hive history, and integrated the weather forecast into our calendar.

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Know Your Bees

Keeping your bees healthy is what brought you here. Us too. So how do you know the health of your bees? We have combed through research and drawn from our experience to reinvent the hive inspection process with a simple, interactive and intuitive design.


Complete your hive inspections with a few swipes


View the health of your hive at a glance with our inspection summaries 

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The Beekeeper's Companion

The latest generation of HiveTracks products is coming. Be the first to try The Beekeeper's Companion: the app that guides you to do what's best for your bees with confidence and peace of mind.