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"What's all The Buzz about?" – Introducing: The Buzz

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

If you've followed HiveTracks email updates in October, you've received the first two editions of our brand new newsletter, The Buzz.

But what’s the buzz about The Buzz? Where did it come from, and what ideas stand behind it?

It all started with the HiveTracks Team itself. We’ve gotten into the habit of sharing articles, videos, and books on anything beekeeping within the team. There has been anything from German children's books on bees to the caffeine intake of bees. Sharing this content has been funny and helpful but mainly interesting because we are a diverse team with people from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures.

And as we wrote in our very first edition, "[w]ith beekeeping, you never stop learning – whether it's the easy way, the hard way, the wrong way, or the right way. One way or another, we're learning something new each and every season."

When the idea of a newsletter with this kind of content came up, my friend Guy and I found ourselves playing around with names. Somewhere between “Let it Bee” and “BeeConnected,” The Buzz and its vitality simply stood out.

The first editions included articles, books (even poetry on bees), How-To’s, and reports hand-picked by Drew, Ethan, Max, Laura, Roger, Jakob & Laurens. Over time, you will get to know our team and their individual personalities better – and whose links you enjoy the most.

The fantastic thing about The Buzz is that it’s not only the core team of HiveTracks that is sharing their knowledge and newest findings, but we specifically ask you, the beekeepers and readers, to take part. Every edition will have a featured beekeeper and their latest buzzing topic, article, or image. Did you see the sleeping bumblebee we sent out in our latest issue?

While coming up with new topics, we thought about what our community might want to read about. So after some back and forth, we just decided to go ahead and ask you personally. This is what you answered:

The graph shows the percentage of respondents who chose a particular topic as their area of interest. As you can see, Tips & Tricks and DIY topics are wanted by most readers, followed by Health and Biology. We’ll start right away to dig out more fascinating content and can’t wait to build better Buzzes with all of you. Stay tuned, and just send me an email if you have a question, article, or just a thought for us.

If you haven’t signed up yet, simply go to the HiveTracks website, scroll all the way down and sign up for our Newsletters and Email Updates! I’ll see you in the next Buzz!


Communications & Social Media at HiveTracks

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