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A better tomorrow starts with YOU.

The world is facing many challenges:

  • threats to the global food supply

  • changing weather patterns and climates

  • disruptions to biodiversity

  • environmental pollution

​Yet, all these crises actually have one very positive solution in common: bees!

Bees are key players in resetting the natural balance and guiding us toward more sustainable agricultural practices and rejuvenating ecosystems suffering from biodiversity decline.

Let's empower the bees and us keepers to crowd-source environmental data that can create a planet-positive impact!

How? It starts with the HiveTracks app, which helps beekeepers:

  • improve bee health

  • increase productivity

  • get access to beekeeping knowledge


This improves beekeeper livelihoods around the globe and has a tremendous positive impact on biodiversity.

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By leveraging the environmental intelligence of bees we can:

  • Increase the health of bees & reduce detrimental hive losses

  • Lend data to research for improving bee health, driving policy change toward responsible, earth-friendly agricultural practices, decreasing pesticide dependency, and reversing declining biodiversity

  • Prove the authenticity of honey 

  • Improve beekeeper livelihoods worldwide, especially across the Global South, like Ethiopia, where we've worked since 2021 

Environmentally-friendly investments shape a better tomorrow for all! 

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up to join the round via Wefunder, a crowd-equity platform. 

  2. Commit to investing as little as $100 USD. Do what’s comfortable for you and your financial situation.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our Wefunder campaign and the future of HiveTracks, reach out to our CEO Max to schedule a chat!

Ready to bee part of our movement?

Visit our Wefunder page and join our mission!

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Join us!

By joining our ever-growing community of beekeepers, environmental stewards, and conscientious investors, you can do your part to contribute to the health of the global bee population and our ecosystems, while investing in the power of environmental data to drive responsible agricultural practices and positive policy change.

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