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Launching something new: HiveTracks Pro

An exciting interview between HiveTracks founder James Wilkes and HiveTracks CEO Max Rünzel.

James: Hi Max, it really is an exciting time for HiveTracks! We’ve come a long way since launching the first HiveTracks platform in 2010, and I’m excited to have you discuss our newest product, HiveTracks Pro, an innovative and reimagined web-based platform for our beekeeping community. Give us a brief overview of what HiveTracks Pro offers?

Max: Absolutely, James. HiveTracks Pro offers an array of features that address the needs of both hobby and sideliner/professional beekeepers who want more out of their beekeeping. It is designed to help beekeepers manage their operations more efficiently and effectively for those with more hives and more beekeepers and to create more engagement and value for the hobby beekeepers. It integrates seamlessly with our free mobile app to provide advanced data visualization and social features, HiveTracks Pro aims to be the ultimate tool for beekeeping management.

James: That sounds great. Now give me some details on the features. First, tell us about the integration with the free mobile app. How does this benefit beekeepers?

Max: The integration with our free mobile app is a game-changer. Beekeepers can input data directly into the app while they’re out in the field, and it syncs automatically with the HiveTracks Pro platform. This ensures that all data is up-to-date and accessible from any device. Whether you're recording hive inspections, tracking honey yields, or noting down observations about bee health, the mobile app makes it easy to capture data on the go. This eliminates the need for manual data entry later, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

James: That's very convenient and seems like it will be easy to share your data with fellow beekeepers! Now, once the data is in the system, how can beekeepers view and analyze it?

Max: HiveTracks Pro offers a number of different ways to visualize data. Users can view all their data on an interactive map and in table format. The map view is particularly useful for beekeepers with multiple apiaries, as it provides a geographical overview of hive locations and their status. You can easily see where each apiary is, what condition it's in, and any tasks that need attention. The table view allows for detailed data analysis, making it easy to filter, sort, and compare different metrics. This dual approach helps beekeepers make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

James: The map and table views sound like great tools for keeping everything organized. Another feature that I’m excited about and that will be very helpful for the hobbyist who might not care so much about efficiency in an operation is the ability to add mentees, friends, and club members to an account. How does this feature work?

Max: Collaboration is a key part of beekeeping, whether you're mentoring new beekeepers or working with a club or just chatting with your beekeeping friends. With HiveTracks Pro, you can easily add other users to your account. This means you can share data, insights, and responsibilities with your mentees, friends, or club members. Each member can have their own login and access the same data, which fosters a collaborative environment. It’s a fantastic way to mentor newcomers, as they can learn from your data and experiences in real-time. It also makes it easier to manage group activities and coordinate efforts within a beekeeping club.

James: Collaboration and community support and communication are indeed essential in beekeeping at all levels, and it looks like we are well on our way to providing an effective tool. Lastly, let's talk about another feature that will bring value and fun to everyone who harvests honey, from a few frames to thousands of pounds. I’m speaking about our “honey story” feature that leverages QR codes for engaging with honey-consuming family, friends, and customers. How does this enhance the experience for both beekeepers and their customers?

Max: The “honey story” QR code feature is one of the most exciting aspects of HiveTracks Pro. Beekeepers can create QR codes that link to detailed honey origin stories. When anyone (customer, family, friends, beekeepers) scans these codes, they get access to rich information about the honey in their hand, including the apiary location, the beekeeping practices used, and even stories about the bees themselves. This transparency builds trust and engagement with consumers, who love knowing the origin of their honey. It’s a great marketing tool that helps beekeepers differentiate their products and connect more deeply with their customers.

James: That’s a brilliant way to combine technology with storytelling, and you know I’m first in line to use this new feature with the sourwood honey we produce! Max, thank you for walking us through these features. I believe that HiveTracks Pro is a comprehensive platform that can really elevate beekeeping practices for all levels of beekeepers.

Max: I agree. I believe in the positive impact HiveTracks Pro can have on the beekeeping community, and we’re always looking to innovate further based on user feedback.

James: Wonderful. For those interested, check out HiveTracks Pro and see how it can transform your beekeeping experience. 

Check out HiveTracks Pro with a 7-day free trial!

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