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Hi, dear friend!

Welcome to the HiveTracks Beekeeper's Companion App. Here you'll find all you need to know about the next step into the future of HiveTracks.

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It´s still us.

You know us and we´ve been around since 2010. We have worked with you as one over 40,000 beekeepers across more than 150 countries. With the new mobile App, we take all our knowledge and passion to for beekeeping you to the next level for you. But, we don't forget where we come from.

Why this app?

Since our early days, we know that community is at the soul of HiveTracks. To serve our community best in the field, we came up with a mobile app. Together, as a community of users, we generate community-generated intelligence to guide you to what's best for your bees.

What changes for you and how do you benefit?

Of course, being an old friend, you receive great benefits on your subscription to the new app.

✓ Continued access to your Legacy account

✓ Free access promo period to the new Beekeeper's Companion app

✓Option for transfer of your Legacy Data into the Beekeeper's Companion app

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