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Faith Mountain Farm

Honey profile

Sourwood Tree: Also known as “Appalachian Lily tree,” its blooming period begins in late June and blooms through July. Honey from this tree has an amber color with rich gingerbread and caramel undertones. 


Sourwood honey

Sourwood honey is a highly sought after varietal honey with a unique flavor profile produced from the nectar of sourwood trees in NC, VA, SC, GA, and TN. The beekeeping management required to produce sourwood honey while not overly complicated does require experience and attention to detail as well as access to apiary locations that produce a good sourwood crop while not mixing with other nectar sources. This increased management for sourwood production combined with the influence of weather and variability in blooming and nectar production means there is generally a lower supply of authentic sourwood honey relative to the demand. The price per pound for sourwood compared to other honey varieties from the same region is in the 1.5-2x range in the same market and even higher in specialty markets (both online and in-person retail).


Faith Mountain Farm is a family farm located in Creston, NC.  James and Shannon Wilkes and their children (Margaret, Galen, Sullivan, Israel, Lillian, Zion, Oliver, and Vivian) started the farm in 2005 when they moved from nearby Boone, NC to the farm property. 

Our honey is unfiltered, with a clear, amber hue and a unique, sourwood taste. Great for adding to tea, oatmeal, and yogurt. We also partner with a local brewery Boonshine Brewing Company to provide honey for their High Country Honey amber ale.


Creston, North Carolina, USA

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Appalachia Bees

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