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Monitor bee health, 
productivity & biodiversity

A data-driven software to manage groups of beekeepers and gain meta-level insights into bee health and pollination.

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for Beekeeping Clubs & NGOs

There is nothing quite as impressive as a bee hive, a collection of beings working together in perfect harmony towards a common goal. Beekeeping clubs, groups of dedicated individuals who share the same passion and love for bees, are actually quite similar to a bee hive.

HiveTracks supports beekeeping groups by providing an online solution for easy communication, sharing expert advice, and providing access to data across multiple hives.


With this platform mentors can send recommendations to those in the community, monitor the health of all the member hives, and get advice based on the actions of other beekeepers in the community.


  • Personalized recommendations based on your beekeeping activity and unique location

  • Live, localized map with easy filtering to show the status of each apiary and hive

  • Send messages and beekeeping recommendations to members

  • Plot out your season using our calendar and to-do lists

  • Dashboard and reports to track of all beekeeping activities throughout the seasons

  • Account management to add new users and members

Access to Training

Provide beekeepers with demand-driven and interactive training and learning content they need.

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Community Discussion

See community-wide insights to encourage discussion and collaboration.

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Collaborative Success

Increase individual beekeeper success by improving their linkage to a larger group of beekeepers and beekeeping experts.

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Easy implementation.


Start Pro Trial
for Your Organization

  • Desktop software

  • Tailored to you

  • Access for admins, 
    group managers, and beekeepers in-field


Get a Personal
Onboarding Session

  • One-on-one demo

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Onboarding support


Create Beekeepers Accounts

  • Easy account creation

  • Send individual beekeeper invites

  • Manage invitations & accounts

  • Engage with beekeepers

  • View top-level data & reports

  • Technical support


Start to Manage
& Oversee

What HiveTracks' Customers are Saying

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E Waltz Honey Co, Sideliner

“HiveTracks is an amazing beekeeping app that is seriously top-notch. Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or a newbie, HiveTracks has all the tips or insights you need to make beekeeping a breeze with their app provided guidance."



For organizations needing broad  monitoring of apiaries and hives.

✓ Access to the mobile app & web portal
✓ To-dos and records for all apiaries
✓ Live map with easy filtering to show 
   apiary and hive status
✓ Send recommendations to beekeepers


For organizations seeking more personlized apiary and hive metrics.

✓ All Nuc Features
✓ Customizable Dashboard
✓ Customizable Filters

✓ Automated Reports


For large organizations needing customized solutions and priority support.

✓ All Hive Features
✓ Priority Customer Support
✓ Unlimited admins, group managers
   and beekeepers



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